Four Habits that Will Wreck your teeth

Bad habits are something we engage in a lot, but it can play a huge part in our overall health and wellbeing of our body, but also our dental health. If you don’t curb these, they can wreck our body, and also our teeth as well. We tend to unconsciously do this, and oftentimes, we might not even recognize this as bad for us, or harmful. Unlike obvious ones like smoking, we tend to not really think of these, for these small ones don’t come with a warning from an authority. There are a few habits to watch out for, and they are what we will discuss here.

The first, is chewing ice. Now, let’s take an example of getting some ice for a smoothie or a drink. Typically, when we do this, we use a blender, which has razor-sharp blades that spin. Ice is hard, and you need something with a lot of friction. Conversely, every time you chew on ice, you’re setting up a battle between two surfaces, and a whole lot of friction. The ice might lose more often than it should, but it creates a problem. It’ll cause the enamel of your teeth to wear down, and eventually, it can cause the teeth to even crack, and cause serious damage. If you’re going to have a drink, don’t try to chew on ice. If you want to suck on it, go for it, but hold off on doing that, and if you need to have something there, use a straw.

Another habit that many of us do, is nail biting. It’s a nervous habit, and while t might’ve developed in us when we’re younger, it’s not only unseemly, but it’s bad for your teeth and gums. It can lead to cracks and chips in the teeth, splinters in enamel, and it can even cause teeth to shift in your mouth. If you do bite your nails, start to trim them, and if you’re still struggling with biting, put some sort of bitter-tasting polish or paint on your nails to wean you of this. Sometimes it can make your nails look pretty too, which is another great thing.

Another bad habit, is brushing too hard. We tend to jump the gun, and sometimes we think that brushing super hard means that we’re doing more for our teeth, and if you think this way, it actually can make it worse. It doesn’t help the teeth and gums if you scrub overly hard, but the truth is, is that it can cause your enamel to wear down, irritate the gums, and also make your teeth a whole lot more sensitive. If you notice that you are prone to brushing too hard, you should try to get one with softer bristles, or even an electric one. Those are definitely helpful when you’re trying to curb a habit such as that, and you need a means to do so.

Finally, there is teeth grinding or clenching the jaws. This is something that’s often done out of stress, and at first, it might happen once or twice, and be considered insidious. But, you might also start doing it in your sleep, and this causes a whole lot of issues putting pressure on the gums and jaws, and it can even cause fractions in the jaws, mouth, and even teeth. If you’re doing this out of stress, you’re going to need to find a way to curb the stress, but if you’re also having trouble because you do it in your sleep, see if you can get a custom mouth guard if you can to help fight this.

Bad habits are out there, and we’re all riddled with them. But, if you’re doing any of these, they can significantly hurt our teeth, so watch out for these. You’d be surprised at the difference that this can make on your oral health if you realize that you’re doing this, and while it does take a lot of time to unlearn bad habits make them go away, and the like, it’ll be a whole lot easier if you handle this now rather than waiting until it’s too late