Four Habits that Will Wreck your teeth

Bad habits are something we engage in a lot, but it can play a huge part in our overall health and wellbeing of our body, but also our dental health. If you don’t curb these, they can wreck our body, and also our teeth as well. We tend to unconsciously do this, and oftentimes, we might not even recognize this as bad for us, or harmful. Unlike obvious ones like smoking, we tend to not really think of these, for these small ones don’t come with a warning from an authority. There are a few habits to watch out for, and they are what we will discuss here.
The first, is chewing ice. Now, let’s take an example of getting some ice for a smoothie or a drink. Typically, when we do this, we use a blender, which has razor-sharp blades that spin. Ice is hard, and you need something with a lot of friction. Conversely, every time you chew on ice, you’re setting up a battle between two surfaces, and a whole lot of friction. The ice might lose more often than it should, but it creates a problem. It’l…